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Linoluna is a curated marketplace for home décor, apparel, paper goods, and gifts.

Linoluna showcases a select few of its online collection at Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta. Situated in the vibrant Kemang neighbourhood, Linoluna Lippo Mall Kemang is home to several local and international brands such as Rifle Paper Co, Kemala, A Little Lovely Company, Kinokuma, and many more.

Linoluna curates goods from artisans and shops both locally and internationally. Most of our items are hand-made and a small fraction of them are mass-produced but have involved a great deal of handcrafting of all kinds, e.g. illustrating, carpentry, pottery, sewing, and leather-crafting during the designing and manufacturing process.

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PT Linoluna Kreasi Global
Lippo Mall Kemang L2-26, Kemang Village
Jl Pangeran Antasari, Jakarta Selatan 12150, Indonesia

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